Leveling & Skills

YAKU combines the traditional leveling system with a more nuanced skill-based progression

General Character Level (XP): Ascendency, from human to Kami.

  • Character Leveling: As you complete quests, defeat enemies, get a positive behavior in the world, and participate in other activities, you earn XP that contributes to your overall character level.

  • Level Advantages:

    • More $YAKU reward

    • Unlock more powerful assets

    • More powers and capabilities

    • Skill points

    • New areas, quests

  • Visual Transformation: As you acquire more Ascendency, you'll evolve progressively from human to Kami & notice changes in your character's appearance. Also access to more advanced gear often has more elaborate and impressive designs and special visual effects, like auras or glows.

Skill-Based Progression (Sublevels)

  • Skill Points: Apart from gaining XP for levels, players also earn skill points through combat, crafting and other activities. Each which follow their own progression system.

  • Skill Acquisition and Enhancement: Players use skill points to acquire new skills or enhance existing ones. This is where the strategic aspect comes in, as players decide which skills to invest in based on their preferred playstyle or to target a specific profession (crafter, trader ect.)

  • Combat Effectiveness: The effectiveness in combat is heavily influenced by how players choose to distribute their skill points, as well as their proficiency in executing skill combos and tactics.

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