$YAKU: Leaderboard

$YAKU - Leaderboard is an Airdrop program launched to celebrate the Yaku Economy release.

  • $YAKU allocated: 5,000,000

  • 3 Leaderboard events (1 per month once preseason is live, Updated Daily and reset on the end of each completed cycle)

How To Qualify

  • Earn at least one point in a month, and you'll be on the monthly leaderboard.

  • Any sellers/listers of $YAKU or NFTs are supposed to be excluded for any future Airdrops.

How To Earn Points

Your leaderboard position determines your reward tier. The more points you get, the higher you'll move up the leaderboard, and the bigger your reward will be.

Players can get points by doing any of the following actions:

Invite Friends

The preseason is invite-only. You'll receive invites to send to friends. Get 50% of their leaderboard points ongoingly. The more friends you invite, the more points you earn, improving your leaderboard rank.

Craft Collectibles (When Crafting available)

Get points by crafting items. The value of the recipe determines the points earned. To craft, you need to own a Capsule and attach Workshops to it.

Social Media Engagement

Users earn points for activities like liking, sharing, and commenting on Yaku posts across various platforms. Points are weighted based on the level of engagement. For instance, sharing may yield more points than liking.

Content Creation

Members contributing original content related to Yaku, such as fan art, videos, or blog posts, earn extra points. A review committee, potentially involving the community, evaluates and assigns points.

Participation in Events

Attendance and active participation in virtual events, AMAs, and other community gatherings accumulate points. Special bonuses for users asking insightful questions or contributing to discussions.

Exclusive Challenges

Periodic challenges announced through social media. Completing these challenges grants bonus points. Challenges can be related to in-game achievements, lore exploration, or community missions.

How Much

  • Rewards are shown on the Leaderboard, and they may vary each cycle.

  • After a leaderboard cycle ends, rewards are airdropped over 16 weeks.

  • Besides $YAKU Tokens, Cosmetic Collectible Titles are awarded after the third leaderboard cycle.

RarityMax SupplyAllocated toName



Rank#1 player for month 1

Ascended Sovereign



Rank#1 player for month 2

Divine Sovereign



Rank#1 player for month 3

Ethereal Sovereign



top 30 players who recruited the


Ascended Messenger

FAQ - Preseason Leaderboard Airdrop

  1. How do I get invites for friends?

    • Players receive access codes based on eligibility factors, distributed periodically.

  2. When and how do I receive rewards?

    • Rewards are given after each leaderboard cycle ends. Note: there may be delays due to audit reviews, which can take around 7 days.

  3. When does the airdrop program start?

    • It starts with the Preseason and lasts three months.

  4. Will exact points for actions be shown?

    • Exact point values and formulas are not shared. Generally, more difficult actions earn more points.

  5. What happens to my points and recruits after a reset?

    • Points reset to zero at each cycle's end, but your recruitment link stays active. You continue to earn a bonus from your recruitsโ€™ points after the reset.

  6. What if my friend doesnโ€™t use the invite?

    • Invites have an expiry time. If not used within this period, they expire.

  7. How often is the leaderboard updated?

    • It's updated daily.

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