Even if our classes follow the "holy trinity" of tank, healer, and DPS, YAKU focuses on versatile, self-sufficient characters, allowing players to experience the game in a way that suits their style.

  • Universal Combat Viability: All classes are designed to be equally viable in combat, both in solo & collaborative mode. While each class offers distinct abilities, no one dominates the gameplay.

  • Combining Strengths for Team Play: the strategic combination of different classes can lead to powerful synergies.

  • Personalized Skill Choices: Abilities and combat style more lies in your hands. Players have the freedom to choose their skill progression.

Classes of YAKU

1. Cyborg

  • Background: Cyborgs in YAKU are humans enhanced with cybernetic technology, offering a blend of organic intuition and advanced technological prowess.

  • Combat Style: Cyborgs blend human agility with cybernetic enhancements, offering a versatile and adaptive combat style. They can switch between swift, agile maneuvers and more powerful, technologically-aided attacks.

  • Unique Abilities: Enhanced with cybernetics, Cyborgs may have abilities that allow for rapid movement, temporary boosts in combat stats, or the use of advanced gadgets.

  • Gameplay Focus: Players choosing Cyborgs would likely experience a balance between physical combat skills and the strategic use of their technological enhancements.

2. Shinigami

  • Background: Ethereal and mysterious, the Shinigami are beings connected to the mystical energies of Yakushima, revered for their supernatural abilities.

  • Combat Style: Shinigami would excel in using mystical Seisui energy, focusing on spellcasting and ranged attacks. Their combat style would involve manipulating arcane forces to damage enemies or alter the battlefield.

  • Unique Abilities: Shinigami could have powerful AoE (Area of Effect) spells, crowd control abilities, and perhaps even skills for stealth or deception, reflecting their ethereal nature.

  • Gameplay Focus: Playing as a Shinigami would involve mastering the use of Seisui energy, positioning for spellcasting, and using their mystical abilities to control the flow of combat from a distance.

3. Robot

  • Background: Robots represent the pinnacle of Yakushima's technological advancement, autonomous beings created for various specialized purposes.

  • Combat Style: Robots, being embodiments of advanced technology, would have a combat style centered around strength and durability. They might use heavy weaponry and have higher defense capabilities.

  • Unique Abilities: Robots could possess abilities like deploying shields, heavy artillery strikes, or even temporarily enhancing their defense systems for increased resilience.

  • Gameplay Focus: Choosing a Robot would appeal to players who enjoy a more straightforward, tank-like playstyle, focusing on absorbing damage and delivering powerful, high-impact attacks.

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