FAQ for Airdrops

Can I be excluded for Airdrops?

Any sellers/listers of $YAKU or NFTs are supposed to be excluded for any future Airdrops. We have also our own parameters, meet the requirements mean you're supposed to receive an Airdrop.

What are utilities of our NFTs?

  • Give access to the Yaku DAO

  • Give access to the game during alpha & beta development phase

  • Customization of your avatar (face, hair, clothes, accessories etc.)

  • Staking: Each generates 4 $YAKU per day

  • Personal Metaverse

  • Installing Workshops like Forges, Armories, Garages, and the Ledger Lab.

  • Customization with Decoration Collectibles.

  • Hosting friends.

  • Staking: Each generate $YAKU per day depending of their size (see below)

Capsule Size and Rarity Benefits

  • Larger Capsules enable the integration of more Workshops, Decoration Collectibles, and the ability to host a greater number of friends.

  • Only Capsules of a certain Rarity can connect with Workshops and hold certain Decoration Collectibles of the same or higher rarity. For instance, a cyberpunk supercar collectible might necessitate a Large Capsule.

  • Transportation into the world

  • Racing

  • Customization with Decoration Collectibles

  • Staking: Each generate 2 $YAKU per day

ONI Size and Rarity Benefits

  • Larger ONI engine will allow players to have more boost and speed.

  • Higher Rarity ONI are only displayable to Higher Rarity Capsules.

  • Some Higher Rarity Decoration Collectibles are only attachable to Higher Rarity ONI-S01 and some may require certain engine sizes.

What is a Set?

Holding a Set mean you hold 3 of our OGs collections (Avatar, Capsule, Bike). To own 2 Sets you've to hold 2 of each etc.

Where can I stake my NFTs to get $YAKU?

You can stake your NFTs on our webApp and get daily $YAKU rewards. Each Set will give you a weekly $YAKU Airdrop. More informations HERE

Information, Buy, Trade $YAKU?
What are utilities of $YAKU?
  • Crafting

  • Exploration: $YAKU Necessary for accessing some game zones (ex: to farm tradable premium resources)

  • Marketplace: Used as a currency in the Marketplace to trade items & ressources.

  • Premium Yaku's experiences (events ect. accessible only with $YAKU tokens)

  • Interoperability: As much as possible usable in other games and gaming ecosystems

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  • Staking: Stake $YAKU to get more (To be announced)

More information HERE

Where to buy NFTs?
How to get LootBoxes

LootBoxes will be sold (sales date To Be Announced), some OGs holders will be Airdroped



$YAKU Airdrops

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