How it work

Use $YAKU to Craft and Upgrade your Yaku NFTs Assets. Using an Enhanced Workshop, you can craft more and more rare & tradable items, and if you excel, achieve the unique 1:1 version of each item.

Basic Framework

Workshop Types

  • Professions:

    • The Forge: Craft and upgrade Weapon Collectibles as well as refine Resources.

    • The Armory: Craft and upgrade Armor Collectibles as well as refine Resources.

    • The Garage: Craft, repair and upgrade Motors Collectibles.

    • The Ledger Lab: Craft, upgrade, and recharge Assets related to the Eternal Ledger.

  • Enhanced Workshop : Upgraded Workshops installable in your properties which enables crafting of cosmetics (such as skins and aesthetic enhancements), and some benefits.

Dual Crafting System

Allows players to craft both functional items (weapons armor etc.) and cosmetics (skins, attachements ect.) in one place.

Gear Crafting

  • What It Is: Directly impact gameplay (weapons, armor etc..)

  • Key Points:

    • Boosts Performance: Improves in-game abilities, such as stronger attacks or better defense. Essential for advancing and succeeding in game challenges.

    • Rarity impact: All players have access to all items, including the rarest, based on their level.

Style Crafting

  • What It Is: Change your appearance (skins, attachments effects etc..)

  • Key Points:

    • Personalization: Craft items to showcase your unique style and character.

    • Rarity impact: Cosmetics affect the rarity table among players. This means that a player who obtains a unique item is the sole owner until they choose to sell it.

Crafting Experience

Gaining experience in crafting allows players to create more complex and intricately designed items, either for personal use or for sale.

Crafting Professions

Crafting experience, not gameplay experience, determines your ability to craft complex items. This system promotes a professional crafting role and the development of specialized professions, independent of gameplay activity. Be a craftman without to play the game!

Ascendency and Usage

While all players can craft items at any level based on their crafting experience, their Ascendency (in-game experience or XP) dictates which items they can actually use.

Universal Resource Gathering

Players gather resources usable for both functional and cosmetic crafting, encouraging exploration and strategic resource management.

Availability of Workshops

Public Basic Workshops

  • Location: Public areas, primarily the Nexus.

  • Access: Free, but limited to gear crafting. Cosmetic crafting is not available in these public facilities.

Enhanced Workshops

  • Location: Installable in Capsules for added convenience and prestige. Combine them to access the most advanced crafting framework for the rarest items.

  • Access: Obtainable through loot boxes and occasional in-game drops.

  • Exclusive Benefits:

    • Dual Crafting: Offers both gear crafting and exclusive cosmetic crafting, with unique recipes and customization options not available in public workshops. Fostering creativity and trade in custom designs.

    • Droid Workers: Players can employ Droids to operate workshops remotely using the Eternal Pad, managing resources via the Eternal Ledger.

    • Efficient Crafting: Enables quicker and more resource-efficient crafting of functional items.

  • Leveling: Each workshop type has its own leveling system, with advanced crafting leading to greater experience gains.

  • Specializations and Rarities: Workshops come with specific specializations and rarity levels, enriching the crafting experience.

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