ETERNA represents the premium non-cryptocurrency. These tokens are a "Quality Of Life" part of the in-game economy and can be acquired directly from Yakushima Corporation itself.

Acquiring ETERNA

ETERNA can be obtained in two main ways:

  • Direct purchase from Yakushima Corporation.

  • Rare and coveted drop during in-game adventures.

Utilization of ETERNA

$ETERNA plays a QOL role in various aspects:

  • Additional benefits and enhancement of Style Crafting

  • Necessary for gaining access to specific exclusive game areas

  • Necessary to buy assets released by Yakushima Corporation

ETERNA will NEVER be used to increase your skills in the game or to gain any other gameplay benefits, ensuring fair gameplay for all.

Trading Rules for ETERNA

ETERNA tokens are uniquely tied to a player's account, making them non-tradable. This ensures a balanced and fair gaming environment.

Pricing of ETERNA Packs

Yakushima Corporation offers ETERNA in different packages:

Pack NumberAmount of ETERNAPrice in USD

Pack 1



Pack 2



Pack 3



Pack 4



Pack 5



Pack 6



Pack 7



Note: The above-mentioned prices are subject to adjustments based on game balancing needs.

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