Yaku Companion App

A companion app for the Yaku's universe (Work In Progress)
It’s intention is the be a social gathering place, a financial management sphere where you manage everything related to the Yaku universe, crafting and economy.
There are two sides to the app: the individual dashboard and the project workspaces.
🙋‍♂️ Personal Dashboard
Utility App
  • Manage your wallets
  • Explore guilds & communities and their presence/activities in the game.
  • Explore users (wallets, socials, activities, NFT/token/domain hold, communities, gaming assets) and their presence/activities in the game
  • Yaku Marketplace (NFT, gaming assets...) of Yaku/Projects/Users content
Social App
  • Follow & connect with others based on Yaku IDs, wallets and Twitter ID
  • See in-game stream and users playing
  • See connected friends in app/game and interact
👩‍💻 Guild & Project Workspaces
  • Automated staff payroll
  • Launch a token
  • Multisig integrated with ME & Team management
  • One click services: Staking/Raffle/Token creation
  • Order Real Estate, tools, events, ads in the Yakuverse