$YAKU Tokens is the main cryptocurrency, foundation of the Yakushima’s economy, significantly enhancing player experience in terms of autonomy and variety in gameplay. This approach shifts economic control from game developers to players, contrasting with traditional games.

As a sandbox action MMORPG, $YAKU fuel our game as a decentralized nation, where each player can craft their own gameplay – be it as a trader, a professional crafter, a real estate manager, a warrior, or a guild manager.

In our lore, the Eternal Ledger reward Yakushima citizen by their actions by airdroping them $YAKU. When activated, The Eternal Pad enables players to earn $YAKU tokens during their explorations. The token yield increases with the number of RAM installed.

In our lore, $YAKU is mainly used as an in game currency and also here to pay gas fee while interacting with the Eternal Ledger (happening in Crafting, Seisui interaction, Chip extraction from an Avatar etc.)

Token Address

Our token is Multichain, you can bridge anytime to any Chain using This Page

Issuance, Allocation, and Vesting of $YAKU Tokens

500 millions $YAKU Tokens has been issued, with a significant portion generated through gameplay involving the use of an Eternal Pad.

$YAKU Token Distribution

* Unlock schedules subject to change. Although Gaming Rewards are unlocked, these rewards will be released to the community based on an asymptotic function to ensure that community rewards are provided during the long-term operation of the platform. ** Community Rewards has a fixed emissions schedule relative to features coming online.

$YAKU Token Vesting & Cliff

Acquiring $YAKU Tokens

  • Random reward for in-game activities, particularly when using an Eternal Pad (defeating enemies, completing missions, etc.).

    1. The amount of $YAKU earned is influenced by the player's skill, game mastery, and the difficulty of the challenges faced.

    2. Upgrading the Eternal Pad with additional RAM increases the rate of $YAKU token acquisition.

  • Transferrable from a player's external cryptocurrency wallet into the game.

  • Staking YAKU assets

NFTs/Assets Staking

You can stake your NFTs on our webApp to earn $YAKU

  • Motorcycles: 2 $YAKU per day for every motorcycle. Tiers are based on official rarity (with normalize traits and statistical rarity toggled): Tier1 = ranks 1 to 300 => +50%, Tier2 = 301 to 1,750 => +20% Tier 1 also includes bikes with the Kosoku samarukyanon weapon and tier 2 also includes bikes with the Supercharger Engine.

  • Capsules:

    • Cyberpods: 6 $YAKU per day

    • Space Suites: 7.2 $YAKU per day

    • Penthouses: 9 $YAKU per day

    • Divine Mansion: 36 $YAKU per day

  • Yaku X: 4 $YAKU per day

  • Set Bonuses: For each set (1 bike, capsule and avatar) you hold, you will receive an additional 12 $YAKU per day in the form of a weekly airdrop. Divine Mansions count as TEN capsules towards your set accumulation for the purposes of the bonus airdrop.

Usage of $YAKU Tokens

  • Crafting

    • Refining, Crafting, and Upgrading rare items: In our game and webApp, use $YAKU to craft rare items and try to get the 1:1! This makes crafting a strategic and rewarding part of gameplay.

    • Installing Workshops. You need it to craft, and $YAKU to install them into your Capsules. Workshops are buyable via our LootBoxes.

  • Exploration: $YAKU Necessary for accessing some game zones (ex: to farm tradable premium resources)

  • Marketplace: Used as a currency in the Marketplace to trade items & ressources.

  • Premium Yaku's experiences (events ect. accessible only with $YAKU tokens)

  • Interoperability: As much as possible usable in other games and gaming ecosystems

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$YAKU Staking

Most innovative Staking systems around! On top of the standard rewards for staking, we automatically allocate a portion of revenues in $YAKU to this pool, rewarding our Stakers further.

  • The more $YAKU you stake, the larger your share of the pool.

  • The longer you stake, the higher your multiplier (for example, staking for 12 months earns a 3x multiplier).

  • The multiplier applies to the rewards, not the amount invested. Having a 2x multiplier means you'll receive double the rewards compared to someone who doesn't.

How to Stake:

  • Navigate to our staking platform at https://staking.yaku.gg/

  • Select your preferred staking duration (2 to 12 months)

  • Get $YAKU rewards!

P.S.: These are subject to change for the purpose of balancing the in-game economy.


To assure the continued deflationary action of $YAKU:

  • Freezing 10% of tokens used in crafting until full circulation.

  • New burning mechanisms are coming – think in-game purchases, services, raffles, and more in the game and our companion app.

$YAKU Token Trading Rules

While $YAKU Tokens cannot be traded within the game or its internal marketplace, players can move them to their external crypto wallets, enabling all standard cryptocurrency transactions, including trading and transfers.

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