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Within the Yakuverse, there are several kinds of partners we operate with. The two main categories are: experiential and integration. Experiential partners are developing ways people can interact and engage within the Yakuverese whereas integrations partners are ones that have existing metaverse assets we are making available within the Yakuverse.
Strategic Partners

Solana Foundation

Helping to proselytize the world of web3 gaming through marketing initiatives. Catch us at some future Foundation hosted events!

Magic Eden

Working together on our in-game marketplace and utilizing their API information to improve user experience.


We developed in-house a relay between Unreal Engine and Phantom and will be working with them audit the relay's security as well as open source the code for other games to use, implement and improve.

Open Sea

Collaborating on project visibility and Ethereum outreach.
Web 2 Partners

Toys R Us

  • Creating a flagship digital storefront
  • Will implement 3D items in the store that are representative 1 to 1 of irl products
  • Collaborating on irl products based on Yaku assets (action figures, toy motorcycles, etc.)


Honda France will be the first web2 advertising partner in the Yakuverse. Ads for some Honda Motorcycles/Scooters will be displayed downtown. Announcement Tweet:
Integration Partners

Existing Avatar Partners

Existing Experiential Partners

  • Anybodies - Creating an Anybodies Fashion and Toy Store within the Yakuverse that will be a fully-functional shopping experience
  • MonkeDAO - The first DAO Tower partner, they will have a space in the heart of the downtown of the Yakuverse.
  • Stoned Ape Crew - Our second DAO Tower partner, the SAC Tower will be host to the $PUFF coffeeshop as well as a social lounge for SAC holders.
  • High Roller Hippo Clique - The first gaming partner of the Yakuverse, their in-universe "casino" will be a live experience filled with games of skill.
  • House of Parlay - Our second, very shortly after HRHC gaming partner creating a place for people to play and bet.
  • Audius - Audius music streaming is live within the current Capsule X beta, but this is just the start of a long, healthy relationship with one of the largest, and the largest in web3, streaming services on the planet.
  • Hawksight - Hawksight daily trading signals driven by their artificial intelligence protocoal are already live in the Capsule X beta, and we will be working with them to implement more features in the future.