Natural Ressources

Natural Resources are used into crafting and their main usage is to be turned into Refined Natural Resources.


  1. Seisui crystals: Core resources of the game for its transformative purpose. Rare and powerful, these crystals are infused with Seisui energy, essential for high-level crafting, enhancing abilities. They resonate with the Eternal Ledger, offering unique properties.

  2. Electronics: Found in cyberpunk-themed areas, these advanced materials are used in crafting high-tech gear, armor, or gadgets, and cybernetic enhancements.

  3. Mechanical: Salvaged from robots or cybernetic constructs, these parts are essential for players focusing on technology and engineering.

  4. Metals: Essential for constructing various mechanical and structural components. This category includes common metals like iron and copper, as well as exotic alloys unique to the Yaku universe.

  5. Biological: Harvested from the flora and fauna of Yakushima, these materials are used in crafting potions, healing items, and bio-augmentations. Often bioluminescent due to Seisui presence.

  6. Stones: Stones imbued with elemental powers like fire, ice, or lightning, used to craft weapons and gear with elemental affinities. Often bioluminescent due to Seisui presence.

  7. Wood: Harvested from common trees, ideal for crafting simple tools and structures.

  8. Ethereal Essences: Extracted from mystical creatures or ancient Kami sites, these essences are crucial for creating enchanted items.

  9. Data Fragments: Digital resources crucial for hacking, programming, and upgrading software-based systems and AI companions.

Type By Season

Natural Resources are Seasonal and Each Season, new sets could be released. Previous Season's Natural Resources can be converted into the current Season via an in-game vendor.

How To Acquire Natural Resources

Purchase on the Marketplace.

Random drop in the game.

Recycle Assets & Collectibles

What Natural Resources Are Used For

Required to be refined into Refined Natural Resources

Then Refined are required Crafting and Upgrading Collectibles by Workshops

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