LootBoxes: Workshop

LootBoxes - Workshop is an Airdrop program launched to celebrate the launch of our Crafting & Enhanced Workshops. Remember, using Enhanced Workshops lets you craft more or less rare Collectibles. These can be traded on our marketplace.

  • LootBoxes allocated: A total of 365 Workshops will be airdropped, bundled into LootBoxes

  • One Airdrop per month once Yaku Season is live

LootBoxSupplyType ChancesRarity Chances

Bonus LootBox


Armory: 45% Forge: 45% Ledger Lab 10%

Common: 100%

Platinum LootBox


Armory: 45% Forge: 45% Ledger Lab 10%

Common: 50% Uncommon: 30% Rare: 20%

Diamond LootBox


Armory: 45% Forge: 45% Ledger Lab 10%

Epic: 50% Legendary: 33.3% Mythic: 16.7%

Special Gift for Whale OG Supporters

  • How to qualify: Be an early supporters or 'Original Gamers' (OGs) role on our Discord by being a Whales (owning 10 Avatars)

  • Benefits: 1 Airdropped free LootBox + WL access & 20% discount on the related LootBox sales.

How to qualify

To qualify for the airdrop, players must own at least 1 Yaku collectible.

How much

Monthly airdrops are allocated using an Account Point Based System. Points are assigned based on the number and quality of Yaku Collectibles held and possible gameplay activities.

  • The formula is simple: more and higher rarity or value collectibles equal more points.

  • However, owning collectibles doesn't automatically mean you'll receive a LootBox, as their number is limited each month.

  • Snapshots: taken randomly in the preceding month.

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