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What is Yaku?

Yaku connect everything in Web3. Thanks to a complete API, an intuitive application and an immersive metaverse experience. Yakuverse is built Multichain and Unreal Engine 5.
Yaku will be a new form of virtual experience for humanity, one that connect every communities, empowers creatives and rewards citizens for participating in the ecosystem. This experience is available as a free-to-play and own model where interoperability and Web3 openness are championed features.
To provide a complete experience, Yaku products are composed of 3 layers which inter-communicate.
  • Yaku API : Data is the fuel of our products. We built a whole framework to be aware of everything in Web3 and social medias and deliver it in an easy to read format.
  • Yaku App : One place to manage your Web3 live, a hub for communities, a showcase/companion app of our products that is easily navigable.
  • YakuVerse : Integrated with SOL & ETH to provide a decentralized game and economy. Thanks to our API, we get live data to provide the best multiplayer experiences. All assets are backed by NFTs to provide a full ownership.
For anyone wanting to learn more about Yaku, this is the central hub of information on our project, company and community. Here you will find information on our history, our team, our lore and what drives us forward.
If you want to contribute changes, start a new change request and submit it for review. The Yaku team will review it <3