👺Yaku DAO

Yaku DAO is the group of owner of the Yaku X assets, each owner have access to the Yaku tower and will be implicated by poll on the artistic direction of the Yakushima Corporation.

The DAO would be also here to better define through poll the experiential direction of the project by dis- cussing concepts such as:

  • Professions - an example being training in cybernetics and developing prosthetic avatar upgrades you could sell for $YAKU,

  • Quests - creating NPC’s within the Yakuverse and objectives to level up items/skills

Each owners will have access to specific channels (like the poll one) in the Yaku Discord server once they verify their holdings with Matrica. They also could access to Yaku business in the game : as virtual real estate property and workshop owners, they could become professional craftsman, hire an army of droids, find a speciality (weapons, armors etc.) and sell assets to players on the marketplace.

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