Eternal Pad

The Eternal Pad, a collectible designed by Yaku Engineering, is essential for interfacing with the Eternal Ledger, which lies at the heart of life in Yakushima.

These devices are crucial for :

  • Tokenize items in the Eternal Ledger

  • Manage your inventory

  • Earn $YAKU Tokens

Acquiring Eternal Pad

  • A basic Eternal Pad is dropped when the game begin

  • Upgraded version available at the Marketplace

Upgrading Eternal Pad

You can upgrade your Eternal Pad by adding more RAM in it using the Ledger Lab.

Upgraded devices generate more $YAKU Tokens.

Earning $YAKU With Eternal Pad

The Eternal Ledger reward Yakushima citizen by their actions by airdroping them $YAKU. When activated, Pad enables players to earn $YAKU tokens during their explorations. The token yield increases with the number of RAM installed.

$YAKU accumulation is influenced not only by the RAM but also by the playerโ€™s skill and game mastery โ€” more challenging combats & quests yield greater token rewards.

Asset Tokenization & Inventory

The Eternal Ledger, powered by Seisui energy, revolutionizes item management. Players can tokenize heavy items into the Ledger, turning them into easily manageable digital formats. This process is facilitated by the Eternal Pad, a device designed by Yaku Engineering.

  • Tokenization: Converts physical items into digital tokens, reducing the burden of carrying heavy gear.

  • Instant Access: Allows players to spawn needed items on demand, enhancing efficiency and convenience.

  • Capacity Dependence: The ability to tokenize items is linked to a player's Ascendency (XP) and the RAM in their Eternal Pad. Higher experience levels and better technology enable more item storage.

  • Asset transfert and communication: Transfert items to your Capsule or communicate with other (ex: transfer gathered resources & instruct your hired Droids to initiate crafting processes)

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