Yaku API

Our backend listens, processes and stores ALL live data from Blockchain nodes, social media, and the Yakuverse. As a result, the YAKU API provides an immense source of useable cross information

Blockchain nodes

  • Analyzing Solana & Ethereum Transactions
  • Building API endpoints
  • Produce detailed user & company profiles
  • Over 3.3 million data points collected thus far in 1 month

Social Media

  • Twitter & Discord data
  • Linked to user wallet data
  • Boost social experiences
  • Over 300,000 profiles aggregated and crossed

Yakuverse & Yaku App

  • Player activity
  • Ownership
  • In game and real location data
  • Purchase funnel

Yaku Marketplace

Assets from Yaku, projects, users, cross Chains and Metaverses