How it work

All assets are backed by NFTs to provide a full ownership and a way for players to generate their own content in a decentralized game and economy.

Craft powerful assets using $YAKU and Hunt for rare style transforms every player into a daring collector. Our world-level rarity system for style elements makes each discovery a potentially legendary find, sparking a thrilling chase across Yakushima.

Understanding Yaku’s Assets & Collectibles

  • Dynamic Crafting: In Yaku, assets include a wide range of items such as weapons, armor, vehicles, accessories, and more. These items are integral to gameplay, offering both functional benefits and aesthetic appeal which are obtainable through our Dual Crafting System.

  • Progression-Focused Gear: Gear assets are designed to align with player progression (Ascendency). As players level up, they unlock access to higher-tier gear, ensuring a balanced and rewarding gameplay.

  • Collector-Focused Style: Beyond functionality, assets in Yaku can be customized for aesthetic appeal (skins, colors, attachments, effects etc.). Holding the potential for rarity on a global scale.

Max Issuance & Rarity per Asset type

RarityMax Supply

Common (35%)


Uncommon (23%)


Rare (20%)


Epic (13%)


Legendary (5%)


Mythic (3%)


Divine (1%)


Ascended (0,1%)


It's important to note that when a Craftable Collectible is burnt (during an upgrading process for example), it releases its slot in the issuance quota of that specific collectible line.

Collectibles will look more elaborate and impressive as they ascend in rarity.

A type is a collection (ONI, Capsule, a weapon, a car etc.)

How to Acquire

  • Craft them at Workshops

  • Bought from the Marketplace

  • Dropped/Looted in game

Non Craftable Collectible

  • Availability: Exclusively through random in-game loot drops.

  • Type: Weapons and Armors, Decorations, Titles, VFX, Emotes

Note for Decoration Collectible

Players can personalize their Yaku Estates using Decoration Collectibles. These collectibles can be obtained through exploration and by vanquishing foes. Furthermore, they might also be included in upcoming Lootboxes.

It's important to note that some of the more rare Decoration Collectibles are exclusively compatible with Capsules of corresponding higher rarities.



  • Burn requirement at certain crafting levels: burn lower-tier items and/or resources as a part of the crafting recipe for higher-tier items. Ensuring that it remains a meaningful and considered decision

  • Special Abilities Activation: Burn specific items to unlock special abilities or bonuses (burning a robot adds an electricity bonus, Shinigami a darkness themed effect etc.)

  • Resource Conversion: Burn multiple lower-quality resources to create a higher-quality or rarer resource, essential for advanced crafting recipes.

  • Crafting Mastery and Progression: Burn items to increase crafting skill progression.


Players can recyclize their Collectibles in exchange for a modest quantity of ETERNA (depending of the Rarity of the Collectible). Recycled Collectibles are burnt.

Not every Collectible is eligible for recyclize. There will be a rotating selection depending of the market conditions.

Level and Equipment

As your character levels up (Ascendency), you gain the ability to equip better and more powerful gear.

It's important to note that crafting or obtaining these items is possible for everyone, regardless of their level. However, equipping them is gated by level requirements. This ensures that you can still engage in trading or collecting them, allowing for diverse roles such as warriors, traders, merchants ect.

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