The Yaku community has been all-in since day one. They drive the feel of Yaku in the greater presence of web3 and bring a vibrant energy to the project. Here are just a FEW examples of how incredible they are.

The Lemon Explained 🍋

One member, Discord usernamecolin#6636, began reacting to every announcement posted with lemon emojis. At one point this culminated in over 1,000 lemon reactions on a single announcement and from there it became a sort of obscure mascot for the project. It has also been a tool for members to display their affiliation/love, even in the real world.


    • Race: Human / Cyborg

    • Lore: They celebrate integrity, intelligence, strength and brotherhood. They are passionate about speed and motorbikes and their ultimate goal is to create the best Supercharger engine and ONI-S01 bike, running on the mythical Seisui fuel. They ride through the neon lit roads of Yakushima from dusk till dawn on supersonic speeds on their modified ONI-S01s chasing euphoria and their next adrenaline rush.


    • Race: Shinigami

    • Lore: Ethereal beings, descendants of the Yaku-Sama, supernatural entities who have protected the Yaku forest since the beginning of time. The Shinagami are the Kami of death, an ancient brotherhood of supernatural spirits that feed on the souls of the living, ushering their souls into the the afterlife. They are known to have magical powers, are emotionless and hungry for domination. They are hardly ever seen, and only those that are close to their death are able to see them in real life.


    • Race: Robot

    • Lore: The Emperors are the rulling force in Yakushima. In the year 2100, top scientists of Yaku Engineering participated in a competition to create the most autonomous and advanced robot. During 6 months, teams worked on the most advanced AI and autonomous Gijutsu and created the Emperor Series 1 cyborg. Two years later, 2500 emperor series X cyborgs began to outsmart the Yaku engineers who created them, and through power and brute force took over the facilities of Yaku Engineering. Rumor has it, that it was the will of Kami-Sama, a power beyond humanity, who gave the robot the strength and wit to outsmart the humans and take over Yakushima.

These factions will have unique ways to gather and compete in the future in the Yakuverse. Rep your set and get ready for fun.

💜 Community Involvement

One of the best benefits of web3 is the access you get to direct feedback from your end user. There is no more guessing as to what your customers want, your community is willing to tell you and take part in the development. We have always been transparent on the development of the Yakuverse with our community, something that is irregular in the world of web2 gaming. Some examples of our community involvement include:

  • Weekly behind-the-scenes development streams directly with some of our metaverse design team in Discord.

  • Contests where our community get to dictate things such as the next experience/item we should develop.

  • Regular community polls on everything from the style of screw on the face of the robot Yaku X race to the structure of the Yaku X and Cosmic Astronauts collections post-merger.

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