Sandbox-style Action MMORPG

Free to Play / NO Pay to Win

You don't need to pay or own any assets to enter and win. But owning assets provide you a premium experience. We're dedicated to fair play. That's it...

  • To maintain a real economy while keeping a non Pay-to-Win approach, we gate items by leveling. Everyone can buy or craft a rare and powerful item, but only players with the right level can use it.

  • This also allows the development of professions, similar to real life. Players can become NPCs, like a merchant. A merchant or an experienced craftsman can create powerful swords, but they won't be able to use them, only to sell them. Adding depth to the gameplay and economy.

Gated Access for Alpha and Beta Versions: You need an Avatar NFTs or an Access Passes for the initial versions of the game to access the game. This is a way for us to rewards early Gamers and also control our user base for beta testing and server management.

Sandbox-style Action MMORPG

We emphasizes player-driven experience, freedom, and a dynamic world that players can interact with and change. The main goal can vary greatly depending on the player's interests and playstyle.

  • Combat and Conquest: Becoming the most powerful player or faction, take control of territories and ressources.

  • Player-Driven Professions: Players might focus on becoming a master crafter to sell assets, dominating in trade, exploring uncharted territories, becoming a real estate investor, or leading a powerful guild.

  • Community and Social Interaction: For some, the goal might be more about social interactions, forming alliances, participating in or creating community events, or engaging in player-driven politics.

  • Narrative and Exploration: In YAKU with rich lore, some players may focus on uncovering stories, exploring every corner of the world, or piecing together the game's history.

Dynamic, Action-Packed Combat

  • Real-Time Combat: YAKU stands out for its fast-paced, action-oriented combat system. Players actively engage in combat with manual aiming, dodging, and combo-based attacks.

  • Race Variety: The game offers 3 kind of races, each with unique abilities, weakness and combat styles. Encouraging dynamic strategies and alliances.

Dual Crafting System

  • Seisui-Infused Crafting: Utilize the mysterious Seisui energy to craft unique items. This energy is a key resource in the game, influencing the properties and abilities of crafted items.

  • Resource Gathering: Explore the world to gather diverse materials, from traditional metals and herbs to Seisui-infused crystals, essential for crafting powerful gear and consumables.

  • Crafting Mastery: As players hone their crafting skills, they unlock the ability to create increasingly sophisticated and powerful items, reflecting their mastery and dedication.

  • Crafting for Profit or Power: Players can choose to specialize in crafting to either create powerful items for their own use or produce sought-after goods for sale or trade.

Expansive Open World

  • Vast, Seamless World: YAKU features a large, open-world environment without loading screens between regions. The world includes diverse landscapes like deserts, oceans, forests, and cities.

  • Dynamic Weather and Day-Night Cycle: The game world experiences a real-time weather system and a day-night cycle, affecting gameplay elements like NPC schedules and enemies behaviors.

  • Diverse Motors System: The game features a variety of motors, including in its first stage a bike called ONI-S01

Deep Character Customization

  • Detailed Character Creation: YAKU is renowned for its extensive character customization, allowing players to fine-tune almost every aspect of their character's appearance.

  • Skill-Based Progression: Instead of traditional leveling, skill progression in YAKU is based more on skill points and gear.

Housing & Guilds

  • Housing System: Players can buy and furnish houses in the game world, which can serve as residences, workshops, or storage.

  • Guild System and Node Wars: Players could join or create guilds, participating in large-scale PvP battles over control of nodes (specific areas in the game world).

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