Yakushima Corporation

Welcome to YAKU, the groundbreaking MMORPG developed by the talented team at Yakushima Corporation. Made of industry veterans, known for their innovation and artistic excellence.
  • CEO & Founder - Kevin de Saint Germain
He’s a Corporate Finance Advisor, an Entrepreneur, and a Dev. He began to raise funds for several top 100 French companies’ buyout operations for banks like Bnp Paribas. One day he no longer supported the ultra-centralization of the system and the funding that didn’t correspond to its supposed human and ecological values, so he quit his job to bring to his Gaming first passion on the blockchain. He made several web-apps and Solidity smart contracts. And has some expertise with 3D Architectural Design and Game Engines. He is graduated from a Business School in France and Hong Kong. And is a big fan of japanese culture, retro-gaming and a decentralized word where humans around the world could live free and in harmony with nature (Daishizen mean Nature in Japanese)
  • CTO - Bruno Rouque
Old white-hat hacker, he has more than 30 years of progaming experience. He discovered Unreal Engine with the version 2 when he helped EvenBalance to make a better version of PunkBuster to detect cheaters in the "America's Army" game. He worked on Unreal Engine technology with v3, v4 and now 5. His preferred language is C++ but he's able to code with everything. Previously being the CTO of a big French security company for 17 years, he managed technical teams of more than 150 people but still found time to code. He's now dedicated to the Yakuverse and will manage it's long-term development.
  • COO - Jeremy Peterson
He's a 3D artist, musician, space-science nerd and an avid outdoorsman with a passion for film and cinematography. He started his 3D modelling career by learning how to use Blender and has discovered he can make a living with this new-found skill. He has a long embarrassing history of playing video games which led his desire to learn the basics of game development and how to make his own. He started by practicing with small freelance projects, and worked up to integrating his knowledge into a vast array of skill-sets including expertise in world and character design.
  • CMO - Eli A.
His background is in marketing and public relations. With experience in a lot of different nationwide brands here in the US. He love gaming (played wow, RuneScape, warframe any MMORPG I could growing up) & anime’s like Naruto, boruto, full metal alchemist. He's hoping to help expand Yaku & help us complete our mission
  • Artist Lead - Steven Kappopoulos
He is a civil engineer, 3D artist and a musician with over 10 years of experience of 3D modeling with Blender. He's been working several years as an architect and around 2017 he got into the game development world. He is proficient in Blender, After Effects, Unreal Engine 5, and Archicad.
  • Developer Lead - Sariel Lau
Since 2008, sariel begins his journey as a software engineer and cooperated with serveral software house and become the full stack developer, specialized in serveral programming languages, such as Java, JS, C++, C#, Objective-C, Swift. Sariel is experienced in developing corporate cloud system, as well as native and hybrid mobile application. He has been in a cloud technology firm as the technical lead managing 15 developers for different projects. With the boost of growth in web3 industry, sariel has self learnt in Rust and solana, and make use of his specialised skill in react.js, node.js and mongodb, to particiate in web3 dapp development.
  • Developer Lead - Johan Shada
A seasoned professional with nearly a decade of experience in video game development, 3D art, and technical art, Johan is a specialist in Unreal Engine and has been involved in approximately 30 projects to date. Mostly MMO and 2 Metaverse. From a young age, Johan was captivated by the world of MMORPGs and gaming. Remarkably, he began coding at just 12 years old, solidifying his passion and setting the stage for a career in game development.
  • Developer Lead - Mirek Kaspi
Mirek started coding 18 years ago and has worked with most major programming languages, platforms, many libraries and frameworks, from low to high level. Mirek typically pretends he’s a generalist engineer, coming from his hardware prototyping, architectural, and mechanical engineering hobbies, although he’s been focusing on software and Unreal Engine in the past years. Mirek’s constantly on an adventure: currently trying to help and settle the startup nation Liberland, previously working in various countries, roaming the land in his campervan for years, and sailing the seas in his sailboat.
  • Artist - Killian Fresio
3D artist with a props/texture specialization. Hybrid professional 3D artist, working as much in video games as in cinema, and currently have three years of studio experience. Passionate about science fiction and futuristic universes, it seems obvious that an artistic direction revolving around a cyberpunk universe would appeal to him.
  • Artist - Tristan Del Giudice
With nearly a decade of experience as a sculptor, modeler, and character designer in film, games, and collectibles with intensive training from the illustrious Gnomon School of Visual Effects, Tristan is a savant in all things modeling and texturing related, having contributed to over 20 projects to date.
For as long as he can remember, Tristan was fascinated with the fantastical stories and captivating character and creature designs portrayed in film and games. Exceptionally, he began working for legendary make up fx artist Steve Wang at the young age of 18 and was mentored in sculpture, character design, and creature design, setting him on a path for a bright future.
This is the core team, we've several developers & workers in addition