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Lore & Themes

Yaku is more than a game and an app, it is an experience telling a story. Increase your Ascendency through an evolving game. Where Asian legends meet a cyberpunk universe.

Global goal : your Ascendancy

Yaku have a need to be continually improving, the ultimate goal is to increase your Ascendancy score.
This is closely linked to the why and values ​​of Yaku. Empower people by dreaming with authenticity, ambition and passion. Help people to find the "why" of their live to forge their own path, think for themselves, protect their community & planet and work to have a brighter future. To build a new reality... Increase your reach not by what you look like, but by who you are.
This score will be increase via multiple factors:
  • $YAKU score
  • NFTs you hold
  • Quest completions
  • Badges
Each of these will give you more Ascendency points which will give you access to more exclusive content and assets to use in the game and all Metaverse/ Web3projects. Ascendancy points awarded by seasonal quests will also contribute towards Yaku Faction scores and Avatar Partner scores, with unique prizes for winning factions/communities.
2166, in a cyberpunk world where the mega-corporation Saikou Solutions is ultra-powerful, managing all resource distribution and ruling with their private police force called RAIDEN (雷電), the people are looking for a means to break free.
Climate change expedited by the extractive methods of Saikou have made the planet hostile to humans, forcing many to get cybernetic upgrades not only as a sign of status, but as a means to survive. Many spend their time in the metaverse, an artificial world created by Saikou to control them. With their tailored avatars, humans can experience sensations not possible in the now near-inhospitable real world.
Yakushima Forest is a majestic & enchanted green zone off the Japanese coast where nature has taken back what humans deprived of it. Some humans fled their home cities in search for the mythologized forest, rejecting the version of humanity they had been dealt. When the forest of legend was finally found by some brave adventurers, they came into contact with the seisui, a mysterious luminous mineral present in the sap of the trees found within that altered them, connecting them with Japanese spirits called Yakus that strengthen them. They've developed organic technologies (Yaku Engineering) to advance civilization without harming the ecology that made this new beginning possible. Man, machine and nature came together to infiltrate the Sakouverse, free those lost in the abyss of their current reality, and create their own decentralized metaverse in which all inhabitants can build and contribute freely: the Yakuverse.
Yaku is the growing entity created by the Yakus, led by the hero Isoka Sugiyama. Together, they will spell the end for Saikou Solutions and the beginning of a new real and virtual world.

Regular Themes

While we will always have key business initiatives that are non-negotiables, we will seek active feedback on the specific directions within Eras and Seasons.
Eras will tell the story of the Yaku lore and tie that lore to larger game/app developments. These Eras will provide an overarching look at yearly development initiatives.
  • Narrative themes
  • Map design direction
  • Gaming experiences
  • Content, events and irl products
Seasons live within Eras and provide regular updates, every 3-4 months, in line with the narrative theme.
  • In-game events and experiences
  • Introduce a new themes on the top of the Yakuverse cyberpunk
  • New exclusive DLC/skins/gameplay elements/map areas
  • New merch and IRL products/events