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3. Yaku Game

Yaku is a Free-to-Play MMORPG. Players increase their ascendancy score. The world map is based on Hong Kong's real-world layout, and the entire experience is built on UE5.

Free to Play/Own

We're a free to play/own game. You don't need to pay or own any assets to enter and explore. But owning assets provide you a premium experience.

What You Need

To enter the Yakuverse beta, you will need to do the following:
  • Download our Chrome Extension, the first ever connection between Unreal Engine and Solana browser wallets, the Yaku Relay
  • Download the current beta: Yakuverse Beta 0.10.0 👉 Will be released 28/11/22
    • When the download is complete and extracted, you will have to double click the install_host item in the download.
    • When you finish this and run Capsule X, it will launch Yaku Relay on Chrome. It opens two windows and the second will open a prompt in Phantom to sign.
    • Once you have signed you can return to Capsule X and the "Start" option should now be available.

Our Ethos

The Yakuverse is never "done." Every day, we will continue working on its continual improvement and development so there is never a dull moment, and we are proud to work on that development hand-in-hand with the community. We want to build great experiences that create memories for individuals, friends, communities and businesses. We are here to connect web3, and within the Yakuverse, we will.