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2. Yaku App

One place for everything to manage your Web3 live, a hub for communities, a companion app for the Yakuverse. Using the Yaku API to deliver information in a human readable and intuitive way.
It’s intention is the be a social gathering place, a financial management sphere and the first place you check when you wake up to see what is happening in the world of NFT’s. Welcoming users on and aggregating information from both Solana and Ethereum, you will find one of the most open and all-encompassing experiences out there... for free.
There are two sides to the app: the individual dashboard and the project workspaces.
🙋‍♂️ Personal Dashboard
Utility App
  • Manage your wallets
  • Explore communities (discord announcement, marketplace, bc activities, holders, raffles...) and their presence/activities in the Yakuverse
  • Explore users (wallets, socials, activities, NFT/token/domain hold, communities, metaverse assets) and their presence/activities in the Yakuverse
  • Manage your meta life (assets, events, ads, invitations)
  • Statistics on chain/socials/metaverse
  • App store (sniper, swap, raffle...)
  • Global Yaku Marketplace (NFT, metaverse assets, merch...) of Yaku/Projects/Users content
Social App
  • Follow & connect with others based on wallets and Twitter ID, vote and comment on projects, bc activities, game activities
  • Chat and interact with users. See in-game stream and users playing
  • See connected friends in app/game and interact
👩‍💻 Professional Workspaces
The project workspaces are designed to make your web3 business as simple to manage as possible. Right now, you can access, all for free at
  • Automated staff payroll
  • Launch a token
  • Arweave upload
  • Mint an NFT
  • Adjust NFT metadata
  • Take a holder snapshot
  • Multisig integrated with ME & Team management
  • One click services: Staking/Raffle/Token creation
  • App store
  • Order Real Estate, tools, events, ads in the Yakuverse
For a 50 $SOL one-time fee we can also deploy white-label staking and raffles for any web3 project. Contact us at:
Yaku Business Development Form